What are the requirements for applying for an international credit card?


It is known that international credit cards generally refer to five major organizations: VISA International, MasterCard International, America Express, Diners Club and Japan International Credit Card Corporation (JCB). And such cards can be divided into two types.


One is a US dollar dual-currency credit card, and the other is a Euro card and Japanese yen card. The former can be used in almost all countries and regions, while the latter has a limited scope of use. Regardless of the type of credit cards, the processing conditions are the same.


International credit card application requirements


1. The principal cardholder must be at least 18 to 60 years old (sometimes 65 years old); the age of the supplementary cardholder depends on each bank.

2. The principal cardholder must have the ability to repay, that is to say, have a stable job and income.

3. Applicants need to fill in a complete credit card application form and submit relevant information as required by the bank.


Information required for international credit cards


1. Identification or other documents that are accepted by the bank.

2. Work certificate (stamped with the official seal of the personnel department).

3. Proof of income (usually it is the original work certificate stamped with the official seal of the financial department. If the salary is issued by bank, the bank account number can be provided directly or a copy of the designated statement or passbook can be provided as required by the bank). Generally, ordinary international credit cards do not need any additional requirement. You can submit the work certificate, salary flow, etc. to get the card. However, if it is a platinum-level international credit card, the following conditions must be met:

a. Proof of property: Platinum credit cards have a relatively high limit, so you need proof of your own property, such as real estate, cars, bank deposits, etc. The more the property you have, the higher the success rate will be.


b. Stable income: For ordinary international credit cards, it is enough to provide the proof of your property. But for platinum-level credit cards, you must have stable income. If you work in a Fortune 500 company or a state-owned enterprise, the chances of your application being successful will be higher.