How to do "T" speculation, these few tips to teach you.


It is not difficult for people who can make a little money by speculating in stocks, but if you want to support your family by speculating in stocks, you must master the trick of doing "T", not only do not have to be afraid to speculate in stocks and then be trapped but also can only earn money without losing money. But understand the essence of doing T few, the article will share with you to do a few "T" skills to help your speculation more smoothly.


The first thing you need to know is how to do T+0. First, pick a stock with a good track record that does not have particularly large liquidity. Secondly, according to the daily market fluctuations, do T+0 by buying a certain amount of the same stock with cash in hand at the low level of the day. At the high end of the day, throw out the corresponding number of shares according to the number of shares you bought that day. How to do a good low absorption and high dump every day: according to the 5-day line. 5 days of highs and lows at a glance, according to the first 5 days within the lowest point near the buy, the highest point near the sell can be.


The T+0 trading point of attention: T+0 trading cannot simply look at the technical aspects of individual stocks and the market, but should also be seen in conjunction with the broader market trend, especially when the stock price is under the main several short and medium-term averages or the general trend is in The technical aspects of the stock and the market are the main basis for the stock.

The only bad thing about T+0 is that it takes effort and time to operate. The only bad thing about T+0 is that it takes effort and time to operate, but his earnings are also quite substantial. The fact is that regardless of whether it's short term or medium term, it's far better to do T regularly than it is to hold your stock still; especially during a big market shock or decline, doing T+0 on a plate is a very solid and efficient means of arbitrage.

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To better master the skills, not only to learn how to do "T", but also to know some principles of doing T. The first is that you must T out the intra-day T chips, regardless of profit or loss. Unless the original plan is to have a position, or many people do T is defeated in this point above, originally planned to do T, after adding a position to buy found that the price is going lower and lower, which should be avoided. Do "T" to have a certain space and certainty before doing, if the pre-conditions are not sufficient to give up doing. Because the fluctuation of space less can only increase the transaction costs, generally believe that 3% or more of the spread will be a more appropriate space, taking into account both the transaction costs, but also take into account the liquidity. That is to say, before you do T, you have to think about whether the ticket's subsequent intra-day fluctuations will be 3%.